Built-in Under Counter Refrigeration U-Line Introduces the 3000 Series

For nearly 50 being U-line has been a leader in under counter refrigeration, a heretofore small niche area of the appliance market that has been growing steadily over the past 10 being. Traditionally patrons sought out under counter refrigeration for primarily bar and entertainment areas. Of late they have gained favor with designers and homeowners as an answer to a need for additional flexible refrigeration.

In our age of convenience, where such a variety of food and beverage choices come individually packaged for simple single-serve snacking, families gravitate towards these well-located under counter fridges to store their supplies. Designing these refrigerators to the outside of the kitchen work triangle, keeps small ones safely out of the line of traffic when it’s time to prepare meals but leaves their juices etc. accessible. Reducing the amount of time and frequency of opening the homes main refrigerator not only is more energy well-organized but also keeps food stored in it fresher longer.

U-line has recently introduced it 3000 series of refrigeration, if you are considering designing one into your interval you must take a look at their latest offerings. They have models available in 18” and 36”, with stainless and glass fronts as well as panel-ready to contest your cabinetry. In addition to the brilliant range of temperature control, the units have a USB port and key that monitors the function and history of the appliance, so in the event of a power loss, or malfunction, the data can be read to troubleshoot the appliance before a repair self were to come out.

Aesthetically, the units are truly fully integrated, when you add an overlay and a toe kick panel they appear to be a regular base cabinet.

Living in your Kitchen — design trends– Aston Smith

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