The Ten Largest Hotels in The World

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Staying in a hotel can be a fantastic and memorable experience depending the hotel of your choice. No matter what hotel you have chosen, each of the ten largest hotels in the world in terms of the number of rooms has something that fascinates its guests. This article talks about the amenities, entertainment, and accommodation one can find in each of the hotels. 

Initially World Hotel

Initially World Hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia is the largest hotel in the world. It has 6118 rooms. The hotel covers and area of 500,000 square feet. When visitors enter the hotel, they are greeted by a grand tropical rain forest. As they walk on, they will come to a Spanish courtyard lobby.

Accommodation at Initially World Hotel

For rooms, guests have the choices of Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and World Club. Each room is equipped with a coffee table, a mini fridge, a safe box, a kettle jug, a two-seater sofa, a tea and coffee making facilities, a bathtub or a shower, and a hair dryer.

Amenities at Initially World Hotel

The hotel has a number of facilities for convenience of the guests and visitors. Visitors and guests can shop at the shopping centre. A casino is also located in the hotel. Certain rooms for the guest are designated as non-smoking rooms. There are also rooms with Internet connectivity. At the corridor, guests and visitors can get hot or cold water from the dispensers. Parking is free at the hotel’s car park.

Eating and Drinking at Initially World Hotel

Visitors and guests can sastify their longing at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Causeway Bay Restaurant, Initially World Cafe, Hou Mei Noodles House, Lakeview Seafood Restaurant, Platinum Curry House, Plaza Cafe, Ristorante Torcello’s, Restoran Hainan Kitchen, The Patio, and some quick food restaurants. 

Entertainment at Initially World Hotel

Visitors and guests can delight in watching movie at the Initially World cineplex and have fun at SnowWorld.

MGM Grand

The second largest hotel is the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, United States of America. It has 5690 rooms. The hotel is located at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States. It was opened in 1993.

Accommodation at MGM Grand

For a excellent night sleep, guests have the choice of the Grand Tower, the West Wing, Bungalow Suites, Celebrity Spa Suites, Hollywood Suites, Premiere Suites, Glamour Suites, Terrace, Porch Suites, the Signature, and Skyloft Penthouse Suites. Standard rooms at the Grand Tower with the approximate size of 446 square feet is amongst the largest at MGM Grand. Guests can have the choice of either a king size bed or two queen-size beds, take bath in a bathroom made of black and white Italian marbles, work on a large work desk, and relax at the well-located meeting area.

Amenities at MGM Grand

Guest at the hotel can delight in watching TV on flat-screen TV, surfing the Internet with high-speed Internet access, listening to DVDs, Each suite has its own unique facility. For example, guests at the Celebrity Spa Suites can delight in whirlpool tubs and guests in a Glamour Suite can relax at Roman spa bath and eat at a dinning table for four. The MGM Grand also provide amenties to the guests that include the MGM Grand Spa and Health Club, the concierge, prima privileges program, Cristophe Salon, the Grand Pool Complex, and a wedding chapel.

Eating and Drinking at MGM Grand

To satisfy their longing, visitors and guests can dine at the Joel Robuchon French Restaurant, the L’atelier at Joel Robuchon, Craftsteak, FiammaTrattoria and Bar, the Nobhill Tavern, Shibuya, the Pearl Chinese Restaurant, Seablue, Diego Mexican Restaurant, and Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill. 

Entertainment at MGM Grand

MGM Grand offers a number of top class entertainment including Crazy Horse Paris, Backyard Arena, Hollywood Theatre, and Lion Habitat.

Ambassador City Jomtien

Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel in Thailand is the third largest hotel in the world. It has 4631 rooms for the guests. The hotel covers an area of 40 acres(160,000 square meter) and is located 8 kilometers south of Pattaya. The hotel is also the largest resort complex in the world.

Accommodation at Ambassador City Jomtien

Guests can stay at five separate wings explicitly the Ambassador Wing, the Backyard Wing, the Inn Wing, the Yachting marina Ambassador Tower Wing, and the Ocean Wing. The Ambassador Wing is a six-storey building with 186 executive suites with the view of the sea and a swimming pool in front of it. The Backyard Wing is a six-storey building with 342 furbished rooms with the view of the backyard lake and the mountain. The Inn Wing which is the most economical of all wings, is a four-storey building with 917 ecomony guest rooms, a private swimming pool, and outdoor Jacuzzi. The Yachting marina Ambassador Tower Wing is a forty-two-storey  building  with 1,116 guestrooms with the view of the sea and the mountain,  544 seaview suites with balcony. Guests staying at the wing can also have a panoramic view of Jomtien Bay Beach and its surrounding. There is a large swimming pool at the Yachting marina Ambassador Tower Wing.The Ocean Wing is a  eighteen-tale building with 900 guestsrooms and 79 suites with balconies. A guests or visitor can take any one of the eight glass evalator to any of the floors of the building. Guests who can swim can swim at the Ocean Pool that has an outdoor whirlpool.

Food at Ambassador City Jomtien

Guests and visitors at the Ambassador City Jomtien can eat, drink and entertain themselves at the restaurants and other establishments in the hotel which include Atrium Cafe where patrons are entertained by professional singers and musicians after 6.00 p.m (local time), Hong Teh Chinese Restaurant, Pasta Pasta Italian Restaurant, Tokugawa Japanese Restaurant which is designed in accordance of the traditions of the Tokugawa Dynasty, Espresso Confront, Captain Bar and Ocean karaoke.

Amenities at Ambassador City Jomtien

The hotel provides a number of services to guests including baby meeting, laundry, and money exchange. Guests can keep their valuables in safe deposit boxes. Children can delight in themselves at the playground and game zone. Guests can do their shopping in the shopping area and the Mini Mart; have the clothes altered at the tailor shop; buy jewelry at the jewelry shop; buy souvenir at the souvenir store; buy drugs and at the drug store; and read at the Library. There is also a 24-hour room service.

Guests at the hotel who like sports can make use of the sports center that has fully trained instructors, modern implementation equipments, badminton courts, table tennis and squash courts; play tennis at the tennis court and delight in water sports. Guests can also have their hair done at Barber shop and professionals to work on their nails and faces. Businesses can hold meetings and conferences at 50 meeting rooms of different sizes at the hotel.

Luxor Hotel

The fourth largest hotel in the world is the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel has 4408 rooms. It was initially opened on October 15, 1993.

Accommodation at Luxor Hotel

A guest can stay at a 420-square-foot Pyramid Deluxe rooms, a 449 square foot Tower Deluxe rooms, a 449-square-foot Player Deluxe rooms, the Pyramid Spa suites, a 1050-square-foot Tower Luxury Suites, or a Tower Premium Suites. A guest a Pyramid Deluxeroom can have the choice of a king-size of two queen-size beds, delight in watching television on a 27-inch television set, listen to AM/FM radio with alarm, take a shower in an oversize showers. Each room can accommodate up to four guests. A Tower Deluxe roomcan accomodate up to four guests. A guest in a Tower Deluxe room can delight in the same amenities as one in a Pyramid Deluxe room with the addition of a separate tub and shower and a spacious armoire. The Pyramid Spa suite comes with a size from 590-800 square feet and can accommodate up to four people. A guest in a Pyramid Spa suite an relax in a spa tub and a separate meeting room. Up to four guests can stay in a 780-square-foot Tower Luxury suite and each of them can wash himself or herself in a spacious bathroom, relax in a meeting area, and delight in a cup of Wolfgang Puck coffee. A Tower Premier suite which has the size of has amenities like those found in a Tower Luxury Suite with the addition of floor-to-ceiling windows. A Player Deluxe room is equipped with a 42-inch television, an alarm clock with a hook up for an MP3 player, a separate jet tub, granite counter tops and a wet bar with a refrigerator. A guest in a Player Deluxe room can delight in  Wolfgang Puck coffee.  

Entertainment at Luxor Hotel

The hotel provides entertainment with celebrity performers and shows that have won awards.

Eating and Drinking at Luxor Hotel

Guests and visitors of Luxor Hotel can have their meals at number of eating establishments in the hotel that include TENDER steak and seafood, Pyramid Cafe, Backstage Deli, T&T, and the Food Court

Mandalay Bay Hotel

The fifth largest hotel in the world is Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The hotel consists of 4341 rooms. There is also a casino in the hotel.

Accommodation at Mandalay Bay Hotel

Guests at Mandalay Bay have the choice of several Accommodation including THESuite, a 741-square-foot V Suite, 1674-square foot H Suite, 550-square-foot Deluxe Room, Spa Suite, Fantastic Room, Sky View, Vista Suite, Media Suite, and Hospitality Suite.

Unique Personalized Gifts You Can Make Under $10 – PART 1

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Unique Personalized Gifts You Can Make Under – PART 1

The best gifts in life are not measured in dollars and cents. The best gifts are filled with thought, meaning and sincerity. These are the gifts that are long remembered.

These are unique and personalized gifts that you can make that will make a lasting impression.

Award /Certificate – Make a small homemade certificate by your word processor. Frame the certificate. It doesn’t have to be huge – you can make one to fit a regular 4×6 depiction frame. If you are charitable this to a child, another thought is to roll up the certificate and tie it with a ribbon, then tie this to a small teddy bear. Make the certificate colorful and add graphics to it. This will really make a cute and delightful gift!
Balloon in a Box – Surprise your recipient with this unique gift! Place a helium balloon in a box and anchor the end of the string with something heavy to stop it from perched away. When your friend or loved one opens the box the balloon will hang out. This is an awesome way of greeting somebody “Congratulations!” or “Pleased Birthday!”
Bath Bombs– These are used for the bath tub – once the bath bomb is placed in bath water it makes a bubbling reaction. Some are formulated with oils to moisturize the skin. There are many tutorials that can be found online by searching “how to make bath bombs”. Then attach a nice small personalized card. This is fantastic gift to give to your friend, mom, sister or co-hand.
Birthday Cake– If you like baking & have some extra time on your hands, why not make a homemade birthday cake? It’s more meaningful than a store-bought cake (and healthier too, in view of the fact that you can control the sugar content). Many cake recipes can be found online when you search “birthday cake thoughts”. I like topping the cake with fresh fruit slices and writing the recipient’s name by bright colored icing. If you don’t like making it from scratch or if you’re pressed for time, you can use ready-mix cake and ready-to-use icing.
Birthday Calendar– This is ideal especially for huge families. Compile a list of birthdays, anniversaries and special dates to remember, print the names out on marks, and stick the marks on the corresponding dates on a wall calendar (even a free wall calendar will do!). Make multiple copies at once to save time, and give to members of the family to place at home or in the office. It’s useful & sure to be appreciated!
Brag Book – For proud new parents this would be a nice welcome baby gift. Take pictures of the baby and make a small brag book that they can conceitedly show to others.
Cake in a Mug– Yes, a cake for one that bakes in a microwave! The concept is to place the cake mix ingredients in a plastic bag & glaze mix in another plastic bag, then place them in a mug and attach the directions. Make sure the mug is microwaveable. Search for “cake in a mug” recipes on the web for fantastic thoughts.
Can of Goodies – With a small imagination you can make, for example, a can of tasty nuts and a small stuffed toy into a very cute gift. Let a small stuff toy “sit” on top of a can of almond/cashew nuts, and wrap altogether with cellophane. Result in the cellophane up & tie it off with different colored curled ribbons.
Candles – Wrap 1 oz scented votive candles in cellophane bag and tie with colored ribbons and a nice personalized gift tag.
Candy Bag – Kids like these. Fill a small cellophane bag with an assortment of wrapped candies, chocolates or small inexpensive goodies, then tie it up nicely on a small stuffed toy. If it’s Christmas you can also tie a candy cane on it.
CD Clock– This is simple to do and it really makes a unique gift. This is how to make a personalized CD clock: Make your own CD mark with a design that fits your recipient’s personality. Stick it on the CD. If you have ancient unusable CDs this is a excellent way to make use of them. Now for the clockworks: You can buy a clock from the dollar store or craft store and use its clockworks. Take out the clockworks and insert it to the ready-made hole in the middle of the CD. You can use a glue gun to glue the back of the CD to the clock to keep it from moving. Assemble back the hours and seconds hands. And there you have it, your personalized CD clock! You can attach a string at the back so your recipient can hang the CD clock, or you can include a small plate stand (which you can also find at the dollar store). This gift is suitable for nearly any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. You can make this into a really gorgeous gift. It’s very memorable and costs only a small to make.
CD Photo Album – If you have tons of digital pictures taken, you can burn them into a disc and attach a nice CD mark. This is also an ideal gift to give to a relative or friend who’s far away. You can mail it to your recipient by a bubble-wrap envelope.
Ceramic Mug with Chocolates – Place kisses chocolates on a clear cellophane bag and tie it off with metallic colored ribbons. Fill the half bottom of the mug with in rags colored paper & place the chocolate bag on top. End it off with a personalized gift tag.
Child’s Art – A child’s drawing is very precious. This is a fantastic gift for parents or grandparents. Let the child sign and date it, then frame it. Wrap it attractively with bright colorful ribbons. It makes a charming and memorable gift! This is also a fantastic gift for teachers.
Child’s Handprint– Apply a water-based paint on a child’s hand and press on paper. Add a poem (you can search for handprint poems online for thoughts) and frame it, or cut the handprint out and turn it into a magnet by pasting it into a cardstock & attaching a self-adhesive magnet.
Chocolate Coated Spoons – Melt chocolate chips or squares in a double boiler, stirring frequently until smooth. Take out from heat and allow it to cool a bit. Then dip the spoons in the melted chocolate until it covers the top part of the spoon (use excellent, heavy spoons). Place the spoons on wax paper to set. Once set, wrap each spoon with cellophane and use twist tie to secure, or tie with ribbon. They can be used as stirrers for hot chocolate, cocoa or cappuccino. You can place several spoons in an attractive mug with hot cocoa packets or coffee beans.
Chocolate Dipped Goodies – Make assorted ones such as pretzels & almonds and wrap in cellophane bags & ribbons.
Compiled Tips & Thoughts – Everybody likesthoughts, especially moms and housewives! Examples are how to take out stains, organizing tips, etc. A wealth of information can be found on the internet, magazines, etc.. Compile simple, small tips to make a mini book. This will be unique gift and the recipient will appreciate your efforts.
Cookie Dough – Make your favorite cookie dough but instead of baking it, give the dough as a gift. It’s perfect for those who receive so much sweets during parties or holidays. The recipient will appreciate being able to freeze it for later use.
Cookie-Making Kit – Place a cookie mix in a clear ornamental bag (from the dollar or discount store), then tie with ribbons, cookie cutter and a wooden spoon.
Coupon Organizer– Money saved is money earned! Buy or make a coupon organizer, and include some clipped coupons you reckon the recipient will use, like diapers or groceries for example. You can also find some printable coupons online.
Cutouts or List of Kids Dine Thoughts– This is a gift that any mom will appreciate! Moms are always running out of thoughts on what to make for their kids dine. You can make a small compilation of kids’ dine thoughts & give it as a present to your sister, sister-in-law, friend or co-hand. You can print the recipes out and paste them on a nice notebook or insert them in a small binder, or if you have time type them out in nice fonts. Then personalize & decorate the front take in. This unique gift is one that will be cherished & used over and over again.
Day-to-Day Calendar – Give a 365 day calendar and for each page write a “why I like you” reason. This takes time to make but is a one-of-a-kind gift that will really, really surprise your loved one!
Desktop Flip Album – You can turn a flip stylishness stand calendar into a desktop flip album by gluing pictures on each page of the calendar. Make use of outdated calendars and turn them into flip albums for relatives and friends.
Desserts – Make your special dessert, then include the recipe and wrap it attractively. People appreciate homemade kitchen desserts. It doesn’t matter how simple the dessert is, it’s the thought behind making it that counts.
Dried plants – Use the bounty from your backyard to make wreathes, collection or dried bouquets.
Family Recipe Collection Book– Collect recipes from family & relatives that they are known for, like for example Mom’s well-known honey-lemon chicken, Aunt Sharon’s yummy clam chowder soup, or cousin Stephanie’s scrumptious chocolate cake….compile them collectively into a nice recipe book by your word processor. To wrap the present, photocopy some family pictures and use this as “the wrapping paper”. This will make such a special gift for the family, you will receive wows and thank you’s for it!
For the Dog Lover – Homemade dog biscuits! If you search “how to make homemade dog biscuits” you’ll find lots of fantastic recipes!
For the Family – This one is unique! Take a sturdy branch or wood and cut to about 5 inches

One of the best hotels in Beijing

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Advantages: well-located location, excellent service and tasty food.

Disadvantages: Pricey.

If you lived in Beijing and you said you don’t know Hotel Kunlun people would reckon you were joking. I have lived in Beijing for over 11 being and visited the hotel many times for business meetings and leisure. Personally I reckon it’s one of the best hotels in Beijing.


The Hotel Kunlun is situated just inside the Third Ring Road of Beijing, which is the main traffic link between the centre of Beijing and the suburbs. Its central location is well-located for visitors and guests. From Hotel Kunlun to Beijing Capital International Airport the distance is 20km, to Tiananmen Square 10 km, to Beijing railway station 8km. It is also surrounded by many embassies, such as USA, Canada, Japan, etc. It’s a 10 minute drive to the British Embassy. Last but not least there are many well-known and well loved department stores, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants around.


The Hotel Kunlun was opened in 1986, and is owned by Jinjiang assemble, one of the largest hotel chain groups in China. It was refurbished in 1999 and 2005. The outer facade is chocolate brown in colour and 29 floors high. In 1995 it was listed as top best 50 hotels in China. In 1996 The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences awarded Hotel Kunlun with the Five Star Shape Award.

The name of the hotel is from a well-known mountain called Kunlun Mountain, which is located in the north west of china and being considered as a signal of stoical spirit in Chinese polish. Now the CEO of the hotel is a well-known screenwriter called Hai Yan, which made the hotel more well-known amongst Chinese people as well as foreign tourists. Many celebrities have visited and stayed in the hotel including David Beckham and his team mates of the Real Madrid team.

The hotel

Although there are many tall buildings around the area you still can figure out the hotel very well from distance. The entrance is not very grand, but with a huge water fountain in front, which separates in and out traffic of the hotel. It has a huge car park for guests at the left side of the main entrance.

Upon reaching the main entrance you are welcomed by two doormen and one of them will help you with your luggage or guide you towards the door.

The decor in the grand lobby is gorgeous. It is very bright and spacious any time of the day. There is a huge piano at the centre of the lobby. Every afternoon there is a pianist to play melodic tunes for guests.

The reception staff are in the left side of the lobby. They can provide service 24 hours a day in Mandarin, Japanese and English languages. Cash, Visacard, Mastercard and JCBcard etc are acceptable.

The hotel has over 700 rooms including 6 options. The room sizes are from 28 square meter to 100 square meter. The prices are between £70 and £300 roughly. All rooms have free internet connections and satellite TV set, which provides world wide TV channels. Other facilities include safety box, mini fridge, sofa, telephone, etc. All fully equipped bathrooms have shower and bath, 24 hour hot water, slippers, dressing gown, etc.


The hotel has 7 dining rooms. It provides international food, which include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and western cuisines. The most well-known food is Shanghai food. The most well-known dining room is called Dingfeng, which is located on the 29th floor and revolves slowly one revolution every 130 minutes.

Fitness Centre

It includes a swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, and sauna.

Business facilities

The hotel has many flexible meeting rooms. The largest one accommodates over 800 people. It is like a theatre and has all modern equipments for business meetings.

My opinion

Because of my previous job I have been in the Hotel Kunlun many times. I also visited with my family and friends so I reckon I’m quite familiar with it. According to my experience of other 5 or 4 star hotels in Beijing, I personally consider Hotel Kunlun is a excellent choice when you visit Beijing, no matter to stay or just dine there.

The advantages of the hotel

Location: its location is well-located for going anywhere you want in Beijing especially to the airport and the city centre, which features Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and numerous other downtown historic sites. You have many transport choices: taxi, broadcast buses, subway.

Excellent service: because it was one of the earlier 5 star hotels in China, their staff are experienced professionals and welcoming. By the way it has exclusive use of Air China’s hotel try out-in service.

Meals: not only provide many different cuisines, also the atmosphere is magnificent. The Dingfeng dining room is most impressive. It is decorated perfectly with blue sky design and Swaroski crystals every where. The open kitchen also gives you a chance to see your meal being cooked. You also can see outside with a gorgeous vista when it’s revolving.

Entertainment: disparate many hotels just guests of the hotel can use the fitness rooms.

The disadvantages of the hotel

Fee: compared to some new 4 or 5 star hotels it is a small pricey. If you pay £70 a night you just get a 28 square metre room on the lower levels. In this case you can not see any gorgeous view outside. Also the bathroom is very small. You might just be able to stand in the bath and have a shower.

The rear backyard:the Hotel Kunlun would say they have a rear backyard which not every hotel in the near area can have, but when you walk there you just see a very small backyard overlooking the busy Third Ring Road.

I was there with my parents and friends just for special days. To me it was an pricey hotel. Now after travelling a few places in the UK and staying at a few B&Bs I changed my mind about the hotel. Its service and accommodation really deserve the money you pay.

So if you do visit Beijing give it a go.

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Best Hotels in Hong Kong

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Best Hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in the world despite being a busy city. It seems to be a blend of east and west – exotic yet familiar at the same time. She owes much of her unique character due to her Sino-British history but within the last ten being, she has really come into her own.

Hong Kong is known for its incredible shopping opportunities, from modern malls to wonderfully unique flea markets. She has over 10,000 restaurants and some gorgeous hiking trails. One feature that she can boast of is her fantastic range of hotels.

If you are looking for luxury for your visit, why not book a room at The Peninsular Five Star Hotel ( Established in 1928, this hotel has been claimed as one of the finest hotels in Hong Kong. She has a wide range of rooms, each with their own fee tag.

Rooms here are spacious with high ceilings and still retain their original character whilst suitable for the 21st century. One of the best rooms is the Grand Deluxe Harbour View Suite; situated on the confront, these penthouse suites give you incredible views of Victoria Harbour through the enormous windows.

The Peninsular Five Star Hotel boasts four incredible restaurants. These all have high quality reviews and give you a taste of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage.

The Mandarin Oriental is one of the best hotels to stay in when visiting Hong Kong. Overlooking the harbour, she stands as one of the leading hotels on the island in view of the fact that her opening in 1963 (

The rooms at the Mandarin Oriental are sumptuous and luxurious – once you walk into them, you will not want to leave! The hotel can offer you a range of suites, from small ‘study’ rooms to standard rooms, from studio suites to the well-known Mandarin Suite. Situated at the very top of the hotel, the Macau Suite and Tamar Suite are the height of luxury with the most spectacular views of Hong Kong. At night, these are simply too incredible for terms.

The Mandarin Oriental can boast some incredible restaurants; the food she offers is simply tasty. For when you want to relax, treat yourself to a visit to her fantastic spa. The Forbes Travel Guide gave her five gold stars, one of the very few hotels around the world to be awarded this.

The Four Seasons Hotel ( is another hotel that has fantastic reviews. Overlooking the gorgeous Victoria Harbour and the financial district, she is a well loved choice for those wanting luxury and quality.

She gives you a choice of 399 rooms, including 54 suites. As her rooms give you wall to wall windows, you can be captivated by the impressive views of this gorgeous city. A blend of eastern and western designs, the rooms are luxurious and contemporary with all the amenities you could question for.

The Fancy Restaurant within the Four Seasons Hotel has an open kitchen, so that you can watch the chefs at work – they even place on a show for you. She is one of only two restaurants in Hong Kong to be awarded the prestigious Michelin stars, emphasising the quality and scrumptiousness of her menu.

Hotel Reviews: The Langham Hong Kong

kitchen design awards

Hotel Reviews: The Langham Hong Kong

8 Peking Road



Hong Kong

T (852) 2375 1133

F (852) 2375 6611

Hong Kong has a wealth of luxury hotels on the island itself, but on the Kowloon Peninsular the Langham Hotel seems to stand out from the crowd. In the heart of the busy shopping and tourism district, the Langham Hotel has been designed with a luxurious European feel in the heart of Asia.

The Langham Hotel has a range of different rooms and suites; choose any of the deluxe rooms to the premier suites to the Langham Suite. All rooms are perfectly designed, making you feel relaxed and comfortable, with its European flair and soft muted colours.

The deluxe rooms give you fantastic views of the gorgeous landscaped gardens below with private bathrooms with separate showers and deep bathtubs that you can soak the day’s stress away in. The Grand rooms have Oriental touches to them with gorgeous Chinese watercolours on the walls and ornate carpets.

The Langham signature suite offers you all the interval you could need on your trip to Hong Kong. With separate bathroom and living room areas and incredible views of Hong Kong, the Langham suite has a Jacuzzi tub where you can relax in with a glass of champagne.

There are five incredible restaurants and lounges for you to try out. The initially restaurant, L’Eclipse, offers you the chance to dine on gourmet dishes that you can see prepared in their open kitchens. You will find a mixture of Chinese, Asian and European recipes here, making the food absolutely tasty and unique.

The T’ang Court Restaurant is another fantastic culinary experience. It has won Best Culinary Award from the Hong Kong Tourism Board two being in a row as well as being named one of the World’s Top Ten Hotel Restaurants by US Hotels Magazine, emphasising the skill and distinctiveness that the chefs have to offer.

Must you want to unwind or exert yourself, the Langham Hotel has some brilliant fitness facilities for your pleasure. Whether you prefer to work on body-building or cardiovascular, you will find everything that you could possible need as well as having professional fitness trainers on hand to help you. After a excellent workout, why not relax in the Jacuzzi and sauna.

This award winning five star hotel gives you that feeling of timeless quality as soon as you initially step foot into it. It draws thousands of guests each year due to its fantastic location, brilliant business facilities and leisure options. No matter whether you come to Hong Kong for business or pleasure, make sure that the Langham Hotel is your initially choice in hotels.

Why Choose Global Knives

kitchen design awards

A Global knife-set is the key cut of kit for many of the world’s top chefs. Every knife in the Global range– from cleaver to paring knife – has a razor sharp ergonomic design, well weight-balanced and of an extremely high technical specification. Made from extra durable molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, Global knives cut with maximum efficiency and are simple to use even throughout long shifts in the kitchen. In comparison with many European knife designs, they are thinner and lighter but also significantly stronger and harder – and they stay sharp over being of use. Global knives are also ultra-hygienic – the vast majority of the range are an integrated, one-cut design that leaves no dirt traps, and are supremely simple to clean and sterilize.

Global knives are an iconic Japanese product. The Global vision is that as a Samurai could trust his Katana sword and hand it down over generations, so a Global knife will last a time in the hands of a fantastic chef. Global was founded by Minoru Tsuchida in 1985 and Komin Yamada’s classic knife designs are manufactured by traditional Japanese methods with contemporary styling.

The incredible range of Global knives can equip a chef for just about any specialist task. It includes: the original Deba knife, carving and cooking knives, meat choppers, slicing knives for salmon, roast meat and bread, sashimi knives, fillet knives and boning knives, Chinese choppers, long slicers, fluted knives and vegetable knives.

Over the last 25 being, the excellence of Global knives has been recognized in numerous awards – for product design and function – in Japan, Britain and across Europe. And in the best kitchens all over the world Global Knives are also prized by fantastic chefs – ultra sharp, hygienic, gorgeous to handle, and durable enough to last a time. We have a fantastic range of Global Knives available online at

Chartwell House.

kitchen design awards

Where is Chartwell? 

Chartwell house is situated in rural Kent near the gorgeous countryside town of Westerham affording lovely panoramic views over the Weald of Kent. 

What is so noteworthy about Chartwell? 

It was the family home of Sir Winston Churchill from 1924 until his death in 1965 and it is set in gorgeous landscaped gardens of which he was instrumental in designing which includes ornamental lakes, fish ponds, a croquet lawn, an apple and pear orchard and formal gardens such as the rose and herb backyard. 

Chartwell as previously said was the family home of Sir Winston and it is nothing at all like the formal gigantic and ostentatious Blenheim Palace where he was born. It was a simple family home where he learnt to relax and paint and pottered in his beloved backyard. Dating from the 17th Century it is positively cut off and would have given him a bolt hole to refuge to where he loved landscaping the gardens and grounds and where he indulged in his passion of painting. There is a large studio situated in the grounds which used to be a small farm but converted into his art studio where he spent a lot of his time where there are some of his art works on show. 

The house is situated near a road and is fronted by a large wall with an in and out driveway to the house. Admission to the house is timed to ensure that there are not too many people inside the house at any one time so that you can fully delight in the features of the house without it being too crowded. There is a set route inside the house which takes you through the various rooms on a set route which starts off at ground level then to the upper rooms then down to the lower floors of the house which is set below the entrance level due to the houses position on a positively steep hill. 

A new wing was built which housed the upper floors containing the formal rooms including a large bedroom for his wife on the top floor, the drawing room on the middle floor and a grand dining room which gives fantastic views over the gardens and weald of Kent. The windows are particularly large allowing natural light in and charitable the rooms an open and airy feeling. The rooms and walls are furnished with Churchills personal possessions and gifts given to him by his children and other dignitaries such as a crystal cockerel from Head De Gaulle of France and a book of water colours of roses given to him by his children. 

Entering the house through the main front door there are visitors books on show which contains the names of vital and influential visitors to the house for example Head Trueman the pages of which are rotated for people to see who had visited. Around the house are personal items, antique furniture and paintings some of which were painted by Winston himself including paintings of his wife Clementine and a gifted painting by Monet. 

There is a show on one of the upper floors of some of Winston’s formal suits including Uniforms, and a full set of clothing of the Order of the Garter and of the Lord Warden of the Cinq ports and his medals and various awards such as Cups commemorating the frankness of various towns and cities such was the esteem in which he was held. There are some large silver ornaments and personal gifts bestowed on him from various governments and leaders for his contribution to the creation of concord and in recognition of his achievements during World War II. 

You can walk through his study where there is a large mahogany writing table he inherited from his father and a lectern where he would stand and read, write and prepare some of his speeches for his budgets and other major events. The Union flag that was raised in Rome on the 14th of June 1944 is also on show in his study and was given to him as a personal gift. It is his personal study and although cool and peaceful it is quite a blokey room! Whereas his wife Clementine had her own drawing room bedroom and dressing rooms where they are certainly more feminine. 
The kitchens below the dining room were functional with many utensils still on show. Many of the contents of the kitchen are the original items belonging to the family. Leading out from the kitchen into a small area of photographic memorabilia then onwards to the terrace and gardens. 

Churchill was not permitted to stay at Chartwell during the war due to its location and a possible strike by the Luftwaffe this was due to the Lake in front of the house which would have been an ideal reference point for the house instead he had to live in London or at Chequers but it was always his like for Chartwell that brought him back here. 

Sadly he was finding it hard to maintain this house due to its high running costs as he did not have a grand inheritance despite his prestigious birth. In 1947 a assemble of his friends clubbed collectively and bought the house for him and his family allowing him to continue to live in his beloved house for ever. When he died the house was handed over to the National trust. 

Whilst the house is very comfortable it is after all a family home and not ostentatious or OTT in anyway. It certainly is not something that the normal self would live in but taking into consideration his silver spooned birth and upbringing it really is a down to earth and comfortable property. 

The gardens. 

The gardens were designed by Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine and are very gorgeous and peaceful with lovely backyard walks. Due to its position on a positively steep hill the grounds are tiered to allow different aspects at different levels. This also gives the impression that it is far larger than it is. There is a croquet lawn where the family and guests would play croquet in the summer months. There are small copses, nooks and crannies and arbors where the family could escape and sit in concord and tranquillity whilst enjoying the marvellous views. They are well tended with ornamental waterfalls which flow down to the ponds and lakes below. Some of the trees around the grounds are ancient beech trees some of them hundreds of being ancient. 

There is a large pay per stay car park but it is quite steep and probably not excellent for people who have mobility problems. There is a drop off point closer to the house for those in wheelchairs. Disabled visitors really only have access to the floors on the main level as there are no facilities such as a lift to explore the upper or lower rooms. The gardens can also be a bit challenging as the walkways and paths can be a small steep or shingled path ways. There is a licensed restaurant, shop and excellent toilet facilities. 

How to get here! 
From the M25 take the exit at Junction 5 or 6 and stay on the route on the A25 towards Westerham. Stay on the brown road signs to Chartwell. It is quite simple to find. 

Address for those who have a sat nav. 
Chartwell. Mapleton Road, Westerham. Kent. TN16 1PS. 

The property was given to the National trust which runs and maintains the property and is open year round at various times. I would advise you to try out the opening times from the National trust web site as there are varied opening times. The gardens are also open when the house is closed to delight in the scenic views and gorgeous countryside. 

Would I recommend a visit here. 

Yes I would certainly recommend a visit. I got a real feeling of who Sir Winston Churchill was, being a humble and down to earth family man who was so proud of his beloved home and cherished his family life. I reckon it appropriate that it is open to the broadcast as Churchill is probably Britains most vital statesmen and I found it to be a very pleasurable visit. 

At weekends and bank holidays it does get rather crowded and there are also coach loads of visitors. But due to the timed visit the house does not seem over crowded allowing you to delight in your visit without it being spoilt by too many visitors. The day I visited it was absolutely heaving with visitors as the car park was full and there were a couple of coach loads of visitors too but it did not feel over crowded at all. 

Admission prices. 
Adult £11.80. 
Children £5.90. 
National trust members free.

Synopsis: A gorgeous country home.