Creating A Rustic Country Kitchen

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The warm cozy feeling you would get from walking into the kitchen and smelling apple pies baking and mom/grandma at the stove baking. To get that same feeling in your modern kitchen there are many things you can do from just adding country decor to refinishing ancient cabinets and painting walls. In this article I will go over these different methods with you.
If you like the look of your current kitchen cabinets and counters and just want to add some design touches to give the room that country feel I recommend starting with antique stores. If you’ve never been in one you would be surprised by what you can find at reasonable prices. Look for ancient kitchen utensils with wood handles. No, you will not be cooking with these! Antique utensils such as egg beaters, spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. can be hung on walls in place of pictures. Arrange these in a way that is lovely to you. Another item to look for in the antiques stores, although a small more pricey, is ancient windows. They are very well loved because they can be used in several different ways for decorating your home. You can take out the ancient glass and replace it with a mirror, leave the glass and mount a country stylishness painting behind it. If you are the creative type and can paint, you can buy canvas at any art store and paint your own design to be mounted behind the glass. I have one with chickens painted by an ancient national. When choosing an ancient window for this purpose be sure to keep in mind the size of your kitchen and the amount of wall interval you have available. Some kitchens have show interval above the cabinets. This interval is fantastic for showing ancient bowls and bakeware or statues of roosters etc. If you’re not into the antiques you can find a lot of fantastic country themed kitchen decor on the market. These can range from rooster or apple themed plate diplays, clocks, dishes, cookie jars, etc. Most importantly, have fun with it!
Now let’s say you want to go a small more in depth than just decor items. Ancient kitchen cabinets can be given new life with a whitewash. Change out your kitchen hardware to something that fits your country theme. You can replace, with a small work, the wood panels in cabinet doors with chicken wire. I don’t recommend this on cabinets where your dishes are kept due to the possible dust factor. One way to prevent dust is to place a cut of glass behind the chicken wire in the cabinet doors. Wall paper and wall paper limits are another way to give your walls the look and feel of a country kitchen. Most home improvement stores involve a variety of wall papers or they can order them for you. Don’t like wall paper? Try a faux painting technique or just choose a soft natural lovely color and paint your walls. Another more pricey but effective thought is to replace your flooring with a natural tumbled stone. You can also find porcelain tiles that look like tumbled stone usually at a lower cost.
It is incredible the difference that can be made with new flooring and paint. Add a few rustic antique decorations, place a vase of dried flowers on the counter or table and you have a homey inviting kitchen!

Pull Out Shelves – Improve Magnificence in Your Kitchen Life

kitchen design cabinets

You can improve the value of your property specially kitchen interval with including the pull out shelves to your present cabinets. It’s tough to arrange kitchen cupboards and pantry for many of us as a result of these cabinets are hard to arrange. Pull out cabinets can easily set up in your home or kitchen area without doing any modifications. As a result of many benefits of pull out shelves, these have been acknowledged virtually for decades ago. Pull out cabinets easily fit and replace with the existing cabinet. These cabinets present you bounty of area to store and deal with your kitchen goods.

There are numerous names of pull out shelves reminiscent of, pantry cabinets, slide out shelves, kitchen cupboards, roll out cabinets and so on. Besides all of those names the fundamental objective of those cabinets is to give access from the outside of the cabinets. Pull out shelves are coated when the cupboard door is closed and are designed to be installed inside the cabinet. You get the convenience of drawers with out doing additional expense of modifying the cabinet body, including drawer fronts or removing the present door. A kitchen with pull out shelves attracts house patrons and will boost the sale worth of your home.

Thus you get the worth and comfort in a single bundle with pull out shelves installation. If you find yourself purchasing for pull out shelves, it is best to take into tab two issues, the weight capability of the slide and the enhancement of those shelves. Pull out shelves are designed in many sizes and configurations. You need to look for such shelves which might be used for simple loading and unloading. A few pull out shelves give you full access to any sort of heavy loads. You will find pull out shelves as an ideal economical answer that will quietly fit in keeping with your wants and can store and arrange a variety of objects in your home. There are various options for several types of pull out shelves.

Choose the dimensions you need and the burden capacity required to securely holding the items you intend to store. By installing slides, some producers lower production costs which aren’t rated for application. There are two forms of drawer slides rankings; one is static and further is dynamic. Static is the inside weight capability of drawer and dynamic is the pull out weight capacity of a drawer. So it is not compulsory you to contemplate these two slides score whereas export pull out shelves as a result of the load capacity won’t embody the load of the pull out ridge itself. Organising pull out shelves will not be limited to areas of your present shelve. Many base kitchen cabinets have tow sort shelves that are the bottom cabinets and within the middle ridge which is the most typical thought. But you may stack 4 to 5 cabinets in base cabinets based on your storage requirement. If you want to change the storage placement the pilasters let the cabinets to be went. You may attach quite a few pull out shelves with pilasters like vertical position or any other management as per your obligation.

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Pros And Cons of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Refacing existing kitchen cabinetry has become a well loved way to get new looking kitchen cabinets for less than the cost of replacing them. But, this selection is not best for all and every kitchen. Like any home improvement project, there are both pros and cons when it comes to refacing kitchen cabinets. Here are some things you need to consider before you make your final choice on what to do with your ancient kitchen cabinets.

Pros of Refacing

More Affordable Than Replacing

When looking at your options between replacing kitchen cabinets or refacing them, refacing is cheaper by far. Depending on the finishes that you choose, you could save 66% or more over replacing. With new kitchen cabinets costing upwards of ,000 depending on the size of the kitchen, that is a huge savings.

New Look

Another positive position of refacing kitchen cabinets is that it offers a completely new look. Just because you currently have white flat panel doors aptly now does not mean you have to continue to live with it. You can get any door design your heart desires in any color you wish. This is a huge plus if you despise every aesthetic position of your cabinets.

No Demolition

When refacing your kitchen cabinets, you do not have to worry about demolition or not being able to cook in your kitchen. In view of the fact that most of the work is done in a factory when they make your doors and drawer fronts, the only time lost in your kitchen is when they install the new doors and overlay on the cabinets. That is a lot better than the weeks or even months lost when completely replacing kitchen cabinets.

Green Selection Compared to Replacing

Many more patrons are also looking for more ecologically friendly options when they are doing home remodeling. When compared to replacing ancient cabinets, refacing is the greener selection. In view of the fact that you are only replacing the doors on your cabinets, you will use less wood materials and electricity. If you can additionally find a way to reuse or recycle or ancient doors and drawer fronts, the project will be even more environmentally conscious.

Cons of Refacing

More Costly Than Molding or Paint

Even if refacing kitchen cabinets is less pricey than completely replacing them, it is still considerably more pricey than options like adding wood molding to the doors and painting them. So for those who have to be very cost conscious in their kitchen remodel, refacing is no the best selection for the money.

Not a Do-It-Yourself Job

If you are a name who wants to be able to do the job from initiation to end yourself, refacing is not a excellent selection for you. Unless you are skilled with wood and have bounty of time on your hands, it is best to hire a company to make and install your new kitchen doors. Yes it could cost more than doing it yourself, but at least you know it will look professional.

Must Keep Same Cabinet Describe

Another potential problem with refacing kitchen cabinets is that you will not be changing the kitchen describe. If you by now have a fantastic cabinet describe, then there is nothing incorrect with this. But, if you have a poorly laid out kitchen, you may be better off spending the extra money for better flow and work interval. So before you reface your cabinets, be sure you are fine with the describe you currently have.

Does Not Fix Hurt Cabinets

In addition to having to stick with the same describe, you will also continue to be wedged with cabinets that are hurt. Broken doors and drawers will not suddenly be fixed. So before you have your cabinets refaced, be sure you have effectively fixed any cabinet destruction you have to ensure the cabinets are worth refacing.

So before you initiation picking out your new kitchen cabinet doors, be sure you have weighed both the excellent and terrible about refacing your cabinets. It is better to take some additional time making your choice, rather than regret spending thousands of dollars. In the end, you will feel more in no doubt that you have made the aptly choice to either reface your kitchen cabinets or choose a more suitable selection for you.

How to Update Kitchen Cabinets Doors With Decorative Molding

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Your kitchen cabinet doors are one of the largest giveaways that your kitchen cabinets are ancient and dated. Many people reckon that they will either have to reface or replace their kitchen cabinets in order to rectify this. Doing so, but, can cost thousands of dollars and take a fantastic deal of time. Your kitchen cabinet doors are one of the largest giveaways that your kitchen cabinets are ancient and dated.

Select your molding

Head to your local home improvement store and pick up some decorative molding for your kitchen cabinet doors. If you are wanting a more formal look to your kitchen cabinets, try choosing a ornate molding that matches your taste. For a casual kitchen, a plain flat or slightly rounded molding will still add a fantastic amount of interest. Just make sure to select a molding that has a flat bottom so it is simple to adhere to your kitchen cabinets.

Draw a Rectangle

Once you get home, draw a rectangle that is a few inches smaller on each side than your kitchen cabinet doors by a pencil. Make sure to use a ruler so that you get nice straight lines. This is where your decorative molding is going to be added. So if you do not like how it looks, simply erase the pencil markings and try again.


After you have the rectangle just the way you want it, measure each side of the rectangle and write down your measurements. Then, measure your molding and mark it to the part of one of your measurements. This is where you are going to be cutting so that it will make the perfect rectangle that you have drawn on your kitchen cabinet doors.


Now that you have marked where to cut your decorative molding, place one cut of molding in a miter box or on a miter saw. Find the 45 point setting for either and cut the wood. If you are by a miter box, you will need to have a hand saw in order to cut your molding.

Glue and Tape

Once the pieces for one cabinet door have been cut, it is time to attach them onto your kitchen cabinet door. By glue specifically designed for wood, apply glue to the flat back of your decorative molding. Then, carefully place that molding on one side of the rectangle you drew on your doors. Press down firmly and secure the cut of molding with tape. Continue doing this until all the pieces of molding are attached to the door in a perfect rectangle. Let the door sit like this for at least a day before you take out the tape and continue with the steps.


After the glue has dried, it is time to make the molding contest the rest of the cabinet. You can do this with either paint or stain depending on the end on your cabinets. Simply find the color that will contest your cabinets and paint or stain the molding the same color. Be careful not to drip on your countertops.

Once your paint or stain has dried, you are done. You can sit back and delight in your updated kitchen cabinets, knowing that you saved money over replacing them. Now you can initiation doing other home improvement projects around the house with the thousands of dollars you saved.

Coordinating Finishes With Black Kitchen Cabinets

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Black kitchen cabinets have become an increasingly well loved trend over the last few being. It can be a very sleek and sophisticated look, but only if you do it aptly. Too many people choose they want black kitchen cabinets with no plot on how to coordinate finishes so the kitchen does not become too dark. But, with some simple end choices, you can keep your black cabinet from overwhelming your interval without it seeming too cookie cutter.

Hardware: Contrast the Cabinets

When you are working with black kitchen cabinets, avoid choosing black hardware as it will only blend in. Instead, choose a hardware end that will stand out from the cabinets and complement them. Brushed nickel, copper and even brass can look gorgeous next to sleek black cabinets. Simply choose the hardware end that best fits your personality and the kitchen stylishness you are going for.

Lighting: Choose What to Contest

When it comes to lighting in a kitchen with black cabinets you have two choices of what to contest: the cabinets or the hardware. When you want the lighting to feel subtle, it is best to choose a black end so it blends in with cabinets. If you would prefer your lighting to make more of a proclamation, choose light fixtures in the same end as your hardware. This will allow them to standout by contrasting the cabinetry while still feeling part of the design because it is a color that will be repeated.

Counters: Keep them Light

Black kitchen cabinets can be very overpowering in a room if you do not balance them with lighter finishes elsewhere. That is why when you are choosing kitchen counters, it is best to keep them light. That does not automatically mean you have to go with white or tan unless you want to. Other color options can be light blue, green or even a stainless steel depending on the look you are going for. So long as the counters do not further grow dim the room and you like the way it looks, it is a excellent choice.

Flooring: Don’t Go Dark

Whatever you do when you are choosing flooring, do not go dark. Like countertops, the flooring needs to be used to lighten up the room. Stick with colors that are significantly lighter than the cabinetry and preferably stay neutral so you do not take away from the drama of the black cabinets. As for the material, you can use ceramic, granite or even wood can be gorgeous with black cabinets.

Appliances: Stainless Steel

Your final end to choose with your black kitchen cabinets is your appliance color. If your budget can afford it, stainless steel appliances are stunning with black kitchen cabinets and nearly any other colors you have to go with them. If you cannot afford stainless steel, take in a less pricey finished appliance with a peel-and-stick stainless steel film that costs around a roll. The end look will be the same but for significantly less.

So when you are remodeling your kitchen with black kitchen cabinets, there is no reason to dread it looking too dark if you stay on these steps. Just remember to add accessories to your kitchen that will place your personal upset on it. The end result must be a sleek design that is as unique as you are but still visually lovely to those you entertain.

What You Need To Comprehend Ahead Of Conducting A Kitchen Area Remodel

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One time or another every homeowner has had the thought to give their kitchen some sort of renovation. There are many homeowners who have had the thought many times. If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation then maybe like most people you have thought only about the main features of the kitchen. There is more to a kitchen that can be renovated then just the floor, walls, and cabinets. But there are many other items that will also benefit from a renovation in your kitchen.

Maybe you must reckon about export a new dining room set if your set is in the kitchen or if your kitchen and dining room are combined. Your table and chair set usually are a main focal point in either your kitchen or your dining room.

When doing a kitchen renovation you must consider a new counter top. When you are looking to replace your counter top you must pick a counter top that can handle a lot of abuse and also one that will contest any colors that you would choose to place in your kitchen.

When you are changing your counter top you may also opt to change the kitchen sink as well. There are many different kitchen sink styles that are available, try out with your plumber or your local hardware store. Also why not choose to change the faucets while changing your sink or you may just change the faucets to change the look of the sink area.

Kitchens are one of the most well loved areas in the home to remodel. Homeowners like to have gorgeous and modern kitchen areas. Plus, many homeowners know that having an updated kitchen is also a fantastic way to appeal to home buyers.

One of the most well loved materials to use in kitchens today is glass. It can be used in a vast number of ways throughout the kitchen. There are many contemporary kitchen remodeling thoughts that incorporate glass into kitchens in unique ways. Just a few of these thoughts include:

Glass Countertops
Glass countertops are one of the newest and coolest home improvements. They look ultra modern and come in a diverse range of colors and styles. Many homeowners go with the slab look and use a more translucent glass for a contemporary feel. Cement and glass mixtures are also well loved.

Glass Sinks
There are many glass sink designs. You can also have a glass sink custom made specifically for your home. As you may have guessed glass sinks fit perfectly with glass countertops, but some homeowners choose to use glass sinks with other countertop materials as well. There are mosaic glass sinks, frosted glass undermount sinks, and more.

Glass Flooring
You can make a floor made entirely of glass or you can use glass accents along with another material. Glass is a fantastic and surprisingly durable flooring material. It also has a highly lustrous and insightful look that you just can’t get with other materials. You can choose from a range of colors. You can also mix different colors to make a unique glass floor pattern.

Along with these thoughts, homeowners are also by glass in more traditional ways throughout the kitchen. Glass cabinet doors are in make again and glass backsplashes are all the rage. No matter where you choose to incorporate glass in your kitchen remodeling projects you will always have a gorgeous end result.


Setting Up Your Kitchen Station

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Setting up Your Kitchen Station is really not that hard if you have just the aptly materials and of course, a well organized kitchen. If you have worked through the kitchen with the series to this point, doing each activity in order as it was written, everything in your kitchen has been cleaned apart from for the drawers and cabinets. When you take that extra week getting ready for Thanksgiving, you must knows is the time to stop.

If you have been washing the dishes and keeping the counter and table vacant each day, your kitchen must look pretty excellent at this point.  We even roofed all of the huge and small appliances. Everything must be pretty clean. That does not automatically mean it is organized.

Today you are going to take some extra steps to initiation getting your kitchen to work for you.  You are going to sit down with a notebook and a pen and take a minute to reckon about how you work in the kitchen. You are going to develop a plot to get your kitchen to help you do those activities.  Being organized is setting up your spaces to work effectively so you can work smart instead of just working hard.

We roofed the junk drawer in an earlier article.  We roofed the pantry and those containers for your leftovers earlier in this series. Before we get into any more individual cabinets and drawers, you are going to sit down and make a plot that will help you figure out what things must really be in each one. We will take a few days to work it out, but when you have your plot in hand, and initiation opening those doors it will be much simpler figuring out what needs to stay, what needs to be went and what needs to go altogether.

Today you do not need to spend any elbow grease, just implementation your brain.  Today is the initially step in the plotting administer. Just grab a chair and sit it in the doorway of your kitchen. Take that pen and paper and map out how you want to work in your kitchen. Initiation by drawing a huge box in the general shape of your kitchen.

Take a minute to reckon about the movie RatatouilleRatatouille, the TV show Hell’s Kitchen, the assembly line at church suppers or the local soup kitchen. In each of those kitchens there is a particular station to do every task.  Setting up specific stations for different tasks that you do with all of the aptly tools close at hand will help you a lot.
The Well-known Kitchen Triangle.

Some things you will not be able to go without getting into a huge remodeling project.  Your stove, sink and refrigerator are set in place. These are the points of the well-known kitchen triangle.  Draw a small circle on your map for each of these points and mark them. Make lines connecting them. Now place your pencil down and reckon about the rest of this before tiresome to figure it all out on paper.

The reason this triangle is so connected to kitchen plotting is because the largest purpose of the kitchen existing is to prepare meals. The triangle represents an assembly line for the simplest activities involved in that administer. In an ideal world the triangle would have equal sides and all kinds of counter and cupboard interval in between.

Now see that line that goes between your refrigerator and your sink, ideally, your pantry would be somewhere along that line. You could pull all of the food out of the fridge, then out of the pantry. You would set all of the food down on the counter and use the sink to wash everything up before cooking a meal.

See that line between your sink and stove, ideally your cutting boards and pots and pans would be somewhere along that line.  You would take all of the washed veggies cut them up, dump them into a pot and place them on the stove.

See the line going from the stove back to the refrigerator, ideally your food serving and storage containers would go along that line. You would take all of the food and place them on serving platters and plates to serve, then place the leftovers in containers and back into the refrigerator.

A large part of the remaining activities that occur in the kitchen ideally hover around and between those three points.

Most of us do not live in the ideal world we live in the real world.  So we work with what we have. We do not all work the same. So following the triangle may not work for all.  But understanding the purpose and thought of the theoretical triangle, is a excellent place to initiation when figuring out your own plot.
Designating Work Stations.

Keeping all of the ideal thoughts in mind, you are ready to pick points that can be designated as work stations for all of the different activities you typically go in the kitchen. Again, do not initiation dotting up your map just yet.

In the kitchen usually more than in any other room, you are a moving butt. There are so many things that go on in there.  There are many nooks and crannies that can be optimized to help you as you swirl around the room. But at the same time, while you may be able to add some shelving, try some clean tricks or some specialty storage solutions, you are positively restricted to the cabinet and counter interval you have available. So your kitchen has a bulls eye to it that does not go.  The closer you get to that bulls eye, the more action you will find. That bullseye is not automatically in the center of the kitchen.  It is probably in the center of the triangle mentioned above if you cook a lot.

You know what activities you do in your kitchen.  Reckon about your typical day starting with initially thing in the morning. Reckon about different meals and snack times. Do you home school in your kitchen? Is your desk in your kitchen? Then reckon about the things you do occasionally like parties and holidays.

For huge meals you have the triangle as a guide.  You need a place to keep food, a prep station, etc. Make a separate list for these larger activities. You can use the back of your map or another cut of paper. Do not worry about the stuff yet, just focus on the activities.

For other frequent activities besides huge meals it may be smarter to separate foods and tools and pick cabinets and counters a small further from the rest of the action.

For example, initially thing in the morning when we both worked out of the house, breakfast was a quick dash. I have a coffee/cocoa station and a small cabinet designated for cereals, oatmeal, cream of wheat and grits, etc. that are pretty close to each other.  I also invested in some cheap plastic bowls (fantastic for the kids, but hubby and I tend to be more fumbly in the morning, too) that stay in the quick breakfast cabinet. I was able to have them near the microwave and toaster in one home, but not so much in others. We started skipping breakfast less and started occasionally opting for the more hardy options that were able to be nuked in a few small minutes.

As I mentioned when writing about the pantry, I also have a cabinet specifically for snacks.  Pulling those things out has kept the pantry so much neater. And you know how kids will go comatose as they stand in front of the fridge with the door wide open just waiting for something to jump out to them?  Not so much around here anymore! All goes straight for the snack cabinet. It may be a small saving in energy, but we’ll take it!

We also do huge family gatherings a few times a year.  We have a lot of dishware, servers, platters and even some food stuffs that I use for those gatherings that I seldom use any other time. Even even if some of the dishes go with my everyday set, I freed up my everyday cabinet by putting them with the other stuff in a weird but fantastic bonus closet just outside of the kitchen. In the past I kept them packed in a giant storage container on a ridge in my garage. It may not be in the kitchen, but it still counts as a kitchen station.

There are any number of stations that you could have, but they work best when they are things that do not often need to be borrowed from when doing other activities.  I do not have a baking center because I tend to use the typical baking dry goods and paraphernalia for regular dinners often. Those things are blended amongst other things closer to the heart of the kitchen.  Some other things are seldom used and in the gatherings closet.

Give all of your activities a thought and list some additional stations that might work well for you. Choose if it would work best to be near the bullseye of the kitchen or out of the main action.

It is really vital to reckon about the activities that YOU really do.  Do not presume your mother, your grandmother, that incredible cooking friend, or your favorite food celebrity.  Do not presume that huge dinner party when you seldom have any guests over. As life goes on, your culinary interests and needs will change.  You will have different kitchens along the way.  Set your current kitchen up for the way you currently use it and need it.

By a pencil, roughly circle where each station could go on your map. Do not try to figure where everything must go, we will work on that next. just pencil in the approximate placement of the activity stations.