Granite Kitchen Worktops

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Solid Granite worktopsare no longer the preserve of the very rich and well-known. Neither the quality or the service has changed but the fee certainly has. The average Granite worktop quote is now half the fee of 6 being ago.

A granite worktop adds an immediate WOW factor to even the nominal of kitchens and more than recoups its initial investment must you choose to sell. Granite worktops are now an affordable favourite with developers for high appeal homes. A granite worktop is the ultimate in durability and stylish luxury superseded in toughness only by Quartz worktops.

Whatever, the kitchen design the granite top can be the major theme of your kitchen tale. Kitchen doors, appliances and d├ęcor can all lend a supporting role to this now very affordable crowning cut.


Granite is a naturally in the works igneous rock, with variations of both grain & colour, a point to bear in mind as no one supplying granite can 100% guarantee continuity of shade. This of course isn’t a negative but an element that makes granite worktops so unique. Quite simply, no one will have an identical worktop as you. The darker granites are typically those that have cooled quicker when in the lava the boards, equally this result’s in a smaller grain end, a heavier granite with higher probability of consistency of shade.

The slower cooling lava’s are usually lighter in colour, a much larger crystal and may have huge variations of colour even contrasting colours which can be magnificent feature of any kitchen.

BENEFITS:Granite withstands heat better than most tops, even if trivets and heat plates are still advised. Granite is hard to scratch and highly stain resistant once sealed. It will maintain its polished looks for many being.


Granite worktopswill compliment any kitchen stylishness you like. Your kitchen worktop is one of the toughest worked areas in the kitchen, which makes granite the ideal surface, as it is easily maintained and highly durable.

Granite worktopsis the number one choice for bakers as it is the considered the ideal cool surface for preparing dough and similar foodstuffs. If you do a lot of baking, you must consider granite for your worktops, or at least for an inlay to provide the best worktop for rolling and manipulation of dough.

Nearly any decor in your kitchen can be enhanced by the addition of granite. There is a huge range of colours available to complement any colour scheme – whites, blacks, greys, greens, blues, reds and more in a number of hues. Some granites are grained or speckled, some are veined like marble, and some are both – and all to varying degrees so you can choose the look that is aptly for you. There are, of course, irregularities and individuality from one cut of granite to another as there are with any naturally in the works substance, but this adds to the appeal, charitable it its own unique natural beauty. For durability and aesthetic elegance, granite is the natural choice.

Consider Granite also as an attractive addition alongside other materials if you do not wish to use it throughout your kitchen. Its heat resistant qualities make it ideal for installation near a stove or any surface that requires extreme heat.

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