Homeowner Beware Dishonest Practices

Be very careful what you read and believe in the online business review pages, such as Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, CitySearch etc. Not every business owner is conscientious, and I know of one in particular who scoops reviews off other’s LinkedIn and posts them on his own business pages as even if the homeowner posted an unsolicited review. It’s unethical and a excellent suggestion of the rest of the businesses practices.
Here is an example of one taken from me. The review on the left top was placed on my LinkedIn profile in 2008 shortly after the compeltion of the kitchen. It was recently re- posted on the web under a different business name, for a completely different purpose than it was written.
The self who took the referal is a name I worked for previously, so I am familiar with the ethics. I know  to be on the lookout for where my name will pop up, and it seemed to me he wouldn’t stop with fake reviews, and taking referals that don’t belong to him. Low and behold, while he bunged by my professional profile he also took the name of my blog…if it isn’t nailed down he thinks he can have it. I observably don’t wish to have my business or reputation connected to this self, but what can a homeowner do to make sure they don’t open the door to a conniver like this?
    The only way you the consumer can be sure that a review is genuine is to speak to actual clients and visit
their completed project, question for three names, not just one. Question for waterproof of how long the company has been
in business, and try out with the Better Business Chest of drawers, make sure they are a member,
these organzation can be very helpful in a dispute, and they keep excellent records. Question if they have ever been sued or settled out of court, question them face to face, not over the phone. Visit the address the business is incorporated at and if you have any doubts don’t sign a narrow. If you do sign a narrow you have three days to rescind, but you must do it by certified mail. You could lose a lot of money by not rescinding properly even of no work has been done.
And Excellent Luck!

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