Kitchen Countertop Ideas

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A kitchen countertop must be durable and clean, but it must also be gorgeous. There are a number of fascinating materials that can make a functional and decorative kitchen countertop.

Initially try by tile. Tile, whether ceramic, stone or glass, offers a variety of design options. Tile can be neutral or provide pops of color. The more adventurous could even work with a ceramic artist to make original tile for the countertop or backsplash. Many people even use large granite tiles as a substiture for a full granite countertop, and it provides an equally-stunning but much less-pricey result. Glass tiles can also make a modern look with more color options. No matter which tile you pick, make sure to install it correctly to make a durable countertop.

Next, consider wood. Butcher block countertops are versatile and durable. They can take the beating of the normal kitchen ware and tear. For seasoned cooks, this selection may be the most desirable because the entire countertop becomes a cutting board. Wood can go beyond butcher blocks even if. Solid wood countertops or high-quality plywood can be used to make a unique and modern-looking countertop. Just make sure that all wood is treated to be food-safe and to hold up well against daily kitchen use.

Next try stainless steel sheet. Stainless steel sheet can be used to take in a countertop and make a master chef look to a kitchen. This selection is not for all as it makes a distinctively modern feel to a kitchen. The stainless steel countertops are perfect for cooks even if as the surface handles heat, knives and stains extremely well.

Whatever the choice of backsplash, make sure that it suits your daily needs and your overall kitchen design. With so many options, anyone can find a countertop that will be both useful and stylish.

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