Kitchen Table

kitchen table

When I was growing up we had an older farm house with a very large kitchen. We would sit at the kitchen table and complete our homework while mom prepared dinner. When my husband and I decided to update the small kitchen in our home I told the contractor that I wanted a larger space that would accommodate a kitchen table, in addition to the breakfast counter that we had.

I thought that if we had a kitchen table the kids could do their homework there and leave me more space for getting dinner ready. We have a formal dinning room where we eat most of our meals, but I wanted to have the added space of an additional table in the kitchen area.

The small table nook provides a quiet area for completing homework and for bill paying. We find that we would rather crowd around this kitchen table to eat our meals than eat in the formal dining area. Our new kitchen table area has been a great addition to our home.

Kitchen Table

Kitchen Work Table

The kitchen table that we have is a cast off. We needed a solid surface to do work on, so we thought it would be great to have the kitchen table serve double duty.

Having a kitchen work table is great. When we are working on serious projects, we can even leave the kitchen work table cluttered and eat on the coffee table in the living room. A lot of the kitchen work tables that we looked at were ugly and functional. The table was old and heavy. Everything that made it a great kitchen work table also made it a great antique. When I’m entertaining guests, I need that kitchen work table to help me to prepare food. I can be preparing one dish on the counter, another dish on the kitchen work table, and have a third thing cooking on the stove!

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