Kitchen Future Trend 2012: Kitchen electronics

Over the holidays, I was chatting with a friend of mine who specializes in interactive system design and engineering. I’ve had a vision of kitchen design for sometime that bears no resemblance to the North American kitchens we’ve been designing for the last century. My vision is:

  • we don’t need to position cabinets always on walls
  • bring back storage between 36″ – 54″ – the perfect ergonomic height for reaching
  • deeper counters (but not deeper cabinets…our arm reach is approx. 24″
  • Last, but most important, lift mechanics

Way back in early 2000s, my former company had designed an island with a carry mechanism for a flat-screen tv. At the press of a button, a skinny section of granite flipped up and also the tv rose from within the island. constant buttom lowered it and also the flap closed.

I thought that ever since. Why could not we’ve a mechanism for storage space? Press the button and also the shelving rose from the counter and tucked away once we did not would like it.

Nothing was out there – there was any interest and, additional importantly, nothing on the market sturdy enough for larger or wider shelving…even though the hotel business had one thing for the recent significant tube televisions within the luxury hotel suites. that very same mechanism would not arise to regular daily kitchen use. thus once I place it to my friend, discussing it as a doable invention, we have a tendency to did not come back up with any answer that appeared possible.

However, it turns out we didn’t have to because Studiobecker beat us to it. This is what I wanted to do:

Studiobecker kitchen

In all seriousness, i used to be never at the time and place to create that vision happen. it had been fun to imagine, however seeing it return to life may be a vindication of types. Also, will be} still far-flung from mainstream mutually can get – it’s definite high-end. So, bravo Studiobecker!

I still may recommend a unit at one facet of the island if the cook was below 5’4″ — that reach could be a trifle a lot of for those people who are vertically challenged. 😉 i might had already return from planning the stationary version of this over a decade ago in Canada – 54″-60″ high x 15″deep storage cupboards place at island ends. And, whereas it does not have the coolness issue of the on top of, it will offer additional vertical storage.

Now, take a glance at the second item I saw debuted in Europe for this year – an oven by Italian manufacturer Fulgor referred to as (appropriately) “Lift”:

Kitchen Future trend 2012

Interesting. So the mechanics are improving and we’ll see if it’s only a matter of time before more appear. Of course, me being me, I want these items now.